【 SUIBE思源金融讲坛——学术报告第49期 】:Maturity Mismatch and Incentives: Evidence from Bank Issued Wealth Management Products in China
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题目:Maturity Mismatch and Incentives: Evidence from Bank Issued Wealth Management Products in China

报告人:方红艳 西南财经大学

时间2018327日下午1:00 -300



Commercial banks in China issued a multitude of wealth management products (WMPs) from 2009 to 2016. These products are largely short-term, but a significant proportion of capital is allocated to long-term investments. In this paper, we first construct a measure of WMP maturity mismatch for each bank in each quarter using R2s from regressing expected yields of WMPs on expected yields of banks’ generally claimed investments. The degree of maturity mismatch is positively related to banks’ quarter-end non-performing loan ratio (NPLR), after accounting for time-varying bank characteristics, bank and time fixed effects. The result indicates that severer mismatch is associated with reduced NPLR. Cross-sectionally, the positive relation is stronger in big banks and when banks had a larger NPLR in the previous quarter. The results highlight the fact that regulated commercial banks use financial innovation and exploit maturity mismatch in their issued WMPs to evade regulator’s credit risk monitoring.


方红艳,毕业于华盛顿州立大学(西雅图)金融系,获哲学博士学位(Ph.D),现为西南财经大学金融学院副教授、博士生导师,研究领域包括企业金融、风险投资与私募股权、影子银行等,主持完成国家自然科学基金一项,在Journal of Banking & Finance,《金融研究》等学术刊物发表论文多篇。


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