Welcome to School of Languages, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

    Since its establishment in 1960, the School of Languages of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics has maintained a good connection with business field in Shanghai and the school offers a broad range of programs and courses in English for International Business, English Language & Literature, Journalism, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (CTCFL), French and Japanese.

    In keeping with the ever increasing globalization, the School of Languages is committed to the cultivation of business talents with global vision.  Our mission is to increase our students’ exposure to international opportunities so that they can have a global vision in their future business practice, and after graduation they can have a real sense of language, culture and communication.              

    Our students are not just confined in the classroom teaching but widely connected in entrepreneurial programs and other extra-curricular activities such as volunteering work and internship in companies.

    We have established connections with many universities from the United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan, and we look forward to sharing more with our friends around the world and dedicate ourselves to the education of students in a global environment.               


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